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Having a home or rental property to call your own is a great investment – and it’s one you want to look after. But taking care of your property often means on-going maintenance, repairs, and unexpected issues which take up your time, your concerns – and, not to mention, your pay cheque!

Finding and organising contractors and tradesmen can be a challenge and keeping on top of all your property maintenance can become overwhelming, time consuming and costly if you’re not sure where to find the best services and prices.

Do you often ask, “Where do I start?!” when it comes to your property maintenance?

Call My Guy offers a convenient and customizable solution for regular property maintenance of your home, your rental property, the home of a family member or your business.

Reclaim your weekends! After all, you need a break too, right?!

Whether you are short on time, need some trusted advice, or are simply not a DIY-er, Call My Guy is a hassle-free solution for your on-going property maintenance needs.  We can develop a full maintenance programme, schedule maintenance activities and ensure your home or rental property is kept in excellent condition.  Keeping on top of maintenance tasks can save you time and avoid costly repairs later down the track.

We offer:

  • Annual property maintenance programme which includes:
    • Property inspections
    • Developing a property maintenance programme
    • Cost estimates
    • Arrangements to execute the plan
  • 3 monthly tenancy inspections

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